Rare furniture finds of Max Gottschalk

Between 1950 and 2005, designer Max Gottschalk produced some fine pieces of modern American furniture he was also considered the Master of the Southwest Industrial. Pieces come up now and again at auction and it is easy to spot authentic works because pieces will feature his distinctive logo.

Authentic Max Gottschalk Logo

Authentic Max Gottschalk Logo

Throughout his career Max Gottschalk never really deviated from what he knew using natural materials and industrial materials together.

Some of his most sought after pieces include his Sling Chairs, he created a wide selection of chairs all based around a similar design using leather and wrought iron. They were finished using natural leather with all its imperfections in bold red, black and natural tan colours, they make a striking addition to any furniture collection. And as you can see his work isn’t just based on form, he also designed with comfort in mind, which is why he found working with natural materials best.

Max Gottschalk Sling Chairs

It wasn’t just seating that he specialised in either, he covered many different types of furniture including side tables, and coffee tables made using metal and glass. In fact you can see where many modern designers found their inspiration from his pieces.

I have also come across in the past a dining table and chairs designed by Max Gottschalk, however like the tables mentioned above, these pieces seem to be harder to come across unlike his chairs. This is probably because he seemed to concentrate on his chair collections, creating numerous different designs.

Designer Dining Table – Choose the Best Look

Adding a designer dining table to your home can be one of the best ways to take a room from looking just okay to offering designer elegance.  Dining tables are often the centre of attention in a dining room or kitchen.  In formal settings, a dining table sets the tone of the space in terms of its style, colour and ornate details.  On the other hand, in a less formal space, the right dining table can help to define the look of the room.  A glass versus wood table, for example, is far less formal.

When choosing a dining table for the space, first consider the overall look of the room.  Tables can be futuristic, contemporary or even classic, and each piece in the room should fit the desired style.  Consider a wall mirror in the same style as the dining table.  A sideboard can also add character and pull the desired look through the room.  You can choose from a large collection of items, but link the styles together for a cohesive look.

The dining area design can feature a combination of a large number of materials, or just a few.  Popular options include metal, marble, wood, glass and even steel, depending on how modern or futuristic you want the table to be.  When selecting a designer dining table, choose from top designers and furniture companies, including companies such as Tonon and Antonello.  These Italian furniture designers are well known for their stylish, well made contemporary furniture that offer the ideal sophistication and elegance for the home.